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yourmomsawhore's Journal

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This community is a place to grow as an insult comic. How it works: You submit your application, the accepted members insult you based on your responses to the questions. To be accepted, you must have witty retorts to the member insults.
After a period of 3 days, the GRAND INSULTER or GRAND INSULTRESS will announce you as ACCEPTED or DENIED. After that, you can start insulting all new applications. Feel free to start lj flame wars/fights with individuals or groups within the community.





Read the rules, or RUN THE RISK OF BEING GAY.

| | |RULES:

1. No netspeak, or I'll stab you.
2. Don't comment on anyone's posts but your own until you are accepted. Otherwise, you will further be made fun of, and then BANNED.
3. Be as offensive as possible-No one is sheilded from net drama, racial insults, sexual preference insults, etc. Everything is open territory.
4. No stealing bits or insults from comedians on TV. We want original warfare.
5. LJ cuts are required for applications.
6. Once you join, stay active. Idle members are of no use to us.
7. Post often and promote us. We want this community to be fun and get a lot of activity, so we need member involvement.
8. This community is all in fun. So, have fun, and don't take offense!


1. Name:
2. Age:
3. Place of residency:
4. Name some of your favorite bands:
5. 3 all-time favorite songs:
6. Top three books and why:
7. Top five movies:
8. Favorite television show:
9. What makes you think you are one extreme homey G slice funkadelic flashmasta funky G fresh? That's right, you heard me.
10. What do people label you as? What are your opinions on that?
11. Five pet peeves:
12. Five interesting things about you:
13. What about you would improve this community?
14. What do you want to be when you grow up?
15. Five favorite words/expressions:
16. Personal quote/mantra:
17. Most effective way of government? Why?
18. Any special talents we should know about?
19. What song lyric represents you the best and why?
20. A picture is required.
21. What if I was to say your mother's a whore?



| | |DENIED: