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Share your arguments with idiots.

Backstory - I had changed my status on yahoo to "view my webcam" even though it wasnt connected to see how many people i could fool into thinking it was on. A lot. This guy was one.

caliguy4202 (11:19:10 PM): hi
gothfur (11:19:16 PM): Hi
caliguy4202 (11:22:14 PM): goin on cam?
gothfur (11:22:55 PM): Its not a link, why is everyone on yahoo such a dumb douche?
caliguy4202 (11:23:27 PM): what are u talkin about?
gothfur (11:23:39 PM): My status message
gothfur (11:23:43 PM): That says view my webcam
caliguy4202 (11:23:52 PM): ok..
gothfur (11:23:55 PM): Is not a blue link
gothfur (11:23:59 PM): IE you are a dumb sack of crap
caliguy4202 (11:24:06 PM): haha... how?
caliguy4202 (11:24:29 PM): i asked if u are goin on.... so if it were a link, then u would already be on right?
gothfur (11:25:03 PM): Learn to spell!
caliguy4202 (11:25:21 PM): for wut?
gothfur (11:25:28 PM): For the sake of my sanity
caliguy4202 (11:25:45 PM): haha.. does that bother u
gothfur (11:25:51 PM): Like a mother fucker.
caliguy4202 (11:26:00 PM): thats a bumer
gothfur (11:26:08 PM): Normally I dont talk to idiots but I guess there is a soft spot in my heart for the mentally retarded
caliguy4202 (11:26:40 PM): thats sweet... u are kind of drawn to them then huh?
caliguy4202 (11:26:50 PM): maybe its a similarity
gothfur (11:27:36 PM): They are drawn to me, I must send out signals that say, "Hey, all you perverts, retards, idiots and assholes, talk to me, I put out."
gothfur (11:27:52 PM): When I try to get rid of them they don't go away.
gothfur (11:28:05 PM): They just keep babbling incessently about how they want to fuck me no matter how many times I say no.
caliguy4202 (11:28:08 PM): thats what yahoo chat is for
gothfur (11:28:20 PM): Like this asshole
gothfur (11:28:26 PM): caliguy4202 (3:53:55 AM): so would u wnana meet sometime? gothfur (3:54:49 AM): Ive already told you no.
caliguy4202 (11:28:31 PM): haha
gothfur (11:28:32 PM): caliguy4202 (2:12:33 AM): would u wannna meet sumtime and give it to weach other..? gothfur (2:12:56 AM): No
gothfur (11:28:36 PM): No matter how many times I say no
caliguy4202 (11:28:37 PM): i get bored..
gothfur (11:28:39 PM): He keeps fucking asking
gothfur (11:28:49 PM): Like I'm going to suddenly change my mind and let him ram his cock in my ass
caliguy4202 (11:28:52 PM): i really would never mmet any1 offline.. just fun to bug people
caliguy4202 (11:29:01 PM): and who said i wanted to fuck u
gothfur (11:29:05 PM): Because I totally love giving charity fucks to yahoo assholes who have to go online to get sex
caliguy4202 (11:29:05 PM): i never said that
gothfur (11:29:06 PM): You did
gothfur (11:29:20 PM): caliguy4202 (1:30:53 AM): r u in the mood to have u cunt licked?
caliguy4202 (11:29:20 PM): no i didnt
caliguy4202 (11:29:28 PM): see .. no sex.. haha
gothfur (11:29:40 PM): Oral sex is still sex
caliguy4202 (11:29:48 PM): i really need to stop comin on here when im drinkin though
gothfur (11:29:50 PM): caliguy4202 (1:32:24 AM): lol j/w gothfur (1:32:38 AM): Even if I was it wouldnt be by you
gothfur (11:30:05 PM): No, keep drinking.
gothfur (11:30:08 PM): Then go drive off a cliff.
caliguy4202 (11:30:18 PM): damn that is some built up resentment
caliguy4202 (11:30:25 PM): u need jesus
gothfur (11:30:52 PM): Yes, resentment. Good use of your thesauraus there, buddy.
gothfur (11:31:16 PM): If there was a merciful God he wouldn't have let you learn how to operate a computer/
caliguy4202 (11:31:34 PM): aww.. your an athiest?? or satanist?
gothfur (11:31:38 PM): I type more coherent sentences with my dick.
gothfur (11:31:58 PM): Just because I don't believe in Jesus doesnt make me an Atheist or a Satanist, dumb shit.
gothfur (11:32:05 PM): Satanists are still Christians.
gothfur (11:32:20 PM): There is more than 1 religion, and hey, Christianity is the only one that believes jesus is the messiah. Surprise!
caliguy4202 (11:32:28 PM): u said god ... smart guy.. so not believing in god.. would make u??... hmmm
gothfur (11:32:45 PM): God is a christian creation.
gothfur (11:33:10 PM): Yawheh is jewish, buddha is buddhist, allah is islam, there are many hindu and wiccan and other religions
caliguy4202 (11:33:21 PM): u have got to be the most ignorant person ive ever talked with..
gothfur (11:33:23 PM): God is christian. Not believing in God could still mean I believe in something else, retard
gothfur (11:33:37 PM): Yes, blissfully ignorant.
caliguy4202 (11:33:39 PM): its all god, just a different name..
gothfur (11:33:53 PM): You said Jesus, which is Christian.
caliguy4202 (11:34:01 PM): were u molested when u were younger?
gothfur (11:34:03 PM): I dont believe in the Christian God or religion.
caliguy4202 (11:34:05 PM): its ovbvious..
gothfur (11:34:24 PM): I dont believe in God ---> i was molested when i was younger. Yes, your logic is impeccable.
caliguy4202 (11:35:07 PM): so now... do u sit around all day thinking of how u would like to slit your wrists and see how everyones reaction would be?
gothfur (11:36:33 PM): No, actually I sit around all day and smoke pot, then accost young girls on the internet for sex and try to appear intellectually superior while spouting insults I read in Highlights magazine
gothfur (11:37:13 PM): One day Id like to go back to kindergarden so I could learn to spell words like you and are, but I didnt pass the test to get in
caliguy4202 (11:37:21 PM): hmm... go to school... get a job..
gothfur (11:38:09 PM): No, I'm content with weed and my internet connection. I don't have to worry about my future at all. Maybe I'll suck cock for crack to get by.
gothfur (11:38:18 PM): I dream big.
caliguy4202 (11:38:26 PM): u need a hug
gothfur (11:38:38 PM): If a hug is code for reaming me in the ass, yes I do.
caliguy4202 (11:38:49 PM): lol
caliguy4202 (11:39:01 PM): no just a hug
gothfur (11:39:23 PM): Ok, I'm bored with you. I'm going to try to find someone to insult who comes up with wittier insults. Goodbye.
caliguy4202 (11:39:41 PM): lol til next time..
caliguy4202 (11:40:02 PM): in the meantime.. get naked on cam..
gothfur (11:40:26 PM): Hey, go drink some bleach.

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