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Share your arguments with idiots.

Backstory - I had changed my status on yahoo to "view my webcam" even though it wasnt connected to see how many people i could fool into thinking it was on. A lot. This guy was one.

caliguy4202 (11:19:10 PM): hi
gothfur (11:19:16 PM): Hi
caliguy4202 (11:22:14 PM): goin on cam?
gothfur (11:22:55 PM): Its not a link, why is everyone on yahoo such a dumb douche?
caliguy4202 (11:23:27 PM): what are u talkin about?
gothfur (11:23:39 PM): My status message
gothfur (11:23:43 PM): That says view my webcam
caliguy4202 (11:23:52 PM): ok..
gothfur (11:23:55 PM): Is not a blue link
gothfur (11:23:59 PM): IE you are a dumb sack of crap
caliguy4202 (11:24:06 PM): haha... how?
caliguy4202 (11:24:29 PM): i asked if u are goin on.... so if it were a link, then u would already be on right?
gothfur (11:25:03 PM): Learn to spell!
caliguy4202 (11:25:21 PM): for wut?
gothfur (11:25:28 PM): For the sake of my sanity
caliguy4202 (11:25:45 PM): haha.. does that bother u
gothfur (11:25:51 PM): Like a mother fucker.
caliguy4202 (11:26:00 PM): thats a bumer
gothfur (11:26:08 PM): Normally I dont talk to idiots but I guess there is a soft spot in my heart for the mentally retarded
caliguy4202 (11:26:40 PM): thats sweet... u are kind of drawn to them then huh?
caliguy4202 (11:26:50 PM): maybe its a similarity
gothfur (11:27:36 PM): They are drawn to me, I must send out signals that say, "Hey, all you perverts, retards, idiots and assholes, talk to me, I put out."
gothfur (11:27:52 PM): When I try to get rid of them they don't go away.
gothfur (11:28:05 PM): They just keep babbling incessently about how they want to fuck me no matter how many times I say no.
caliguy4202 (11:28:08 PM): thats what yahoo chat is for
gothfur (11:28:20 PM): Like this asshole
gothfur (11:28:26 PM): caliguy4202 (3:53:55 AM): so would u wnana meet sometime? gothfur (3:54:49 AM): Ive already told you no.
caliguy4202 (11:28:31 PM): haha
gothfur (11:28:32 PM): caliguy4202 (2:12:33 AM): would u wannna meet sumtime and give it to weach other..? gothfur (2:12:56 AM): No
gothfur (11:28:36 PM): No matter how many times I say no
caliguy4202 (11:28:37 PM): i get bored..
gothfur (11:28:39 PM): He keeps fucking asking
gothfur (11:28:49 PM): Like I'm going to suddenly change my mind and let him ram his cock in my ass
caliguy4202 (11:28:52 PM): i really would never mmet any1 offline.. just fun to bug people
caliguy4202 (11:29:01 PM): and who said i wanted to fuck u
gothfur (11:29:05 PM): Because I totally love giving charity fucks to yahoo assholes who have to go online to get sex
caliguy4202 (11:29:05 PM): i never said that
gothfur (11:29:06 PM): You did
gothfur (11:29:20 PM): caliguy4202 (1:30:53 AM): r u in the mood to have u cunt licked?
caliguy4202 (11:29:20 PM): no i didnt
caliguy4202 (11:29:28 PM): see .. no sex.. haha
gothfur (11:29:40 PM): Oral sex is still sex
caliguy4202 (11:29:48 PM): i really need to stop comin on here when im drinkin though
gothfur (11:29:50 PM): caliguy4202 (1:32:24 AM): lol j/w gothfur (1:32:38 AM): Even if I was it wouldnt be by you
gothfur (11:30:05 PM): No, keep drinking.
gothfur (11:30:08 PM): Then go drive off a cliff.
caliguy4202 (11:30:18 PM): damn that is some built up resentment
caliguy4202 (11:30:25 PM): u need jesus
gothfur (11:30:52 PM): Yes, resentment. Good use of your thesauraus there, buddy.
gothfur (11:31:16 PM): If there was a merciful God he wouldn't have let you learn how to operate a computer/
caliguy4202 (11:31:34 PM): aww.. your an athiest?? or satanist?
gothfur (11:31:38 PM): I type more coherent sentences with my dick.
gothfur (11:31:58 PM): Just because I don't believe in Jesus doesnt make me an Atheist or a Satanist, dumb shit.
gothfur (11:32:05 PM): Satanists are still Christians.
gothfur (11:32:20 PM): There is more than 1 religion, and hey, Christianity is the only one that believes jesus is the messiah. Surprise!
caliguy4202 (11:32:28 PM): u said god ... smart guy.. so not believing in god.. would make u??... hmmm
gothfur (11:32:45 PM): God is a christian creation.
gothfur (11:33:10 PM): Yawheh is jewish, buddha is buddhist, allah is islam, there are many hindu and wiccan and other religions
caliguy4202 (11:33:21 PM): u have got to be the most ignorant person ive ever talked with..
gothfur (11:33:23 PM): God is christian. Not believing in God could still mean I believe in something else, retard
gothfur (11:33:37 PM): Yes, blissfully ignorant.
caliguy4202 (11:33:39 PM): its all god, just a different name..
gothfur (11:33:53 PM): You said Jesus, which is Christian.
caliguy4202 (11:34:01 PM): were u molested when u were younger?
gothfur (11:34:03 PM): I dont believe in the Christian God or religion.
caliguy4202 (11:34:05 PM): its ovbvious..
gothfur (11:34:24 PM): I dont believe in God ---> i was molested when i was younger. Yes, your logic is impeccable.
caliguy4202 (11:35:07 PM): so now... do u sit around all day thinking of how u would like to slit your wrists and see how everyones reaction would be?
gothfur (11:36:33 PM): No, actually I sit around all day and smoke pot, then accost young girls on the internet for sex and try to appear intellectually superior while spouting insults I read in Highlights magazine
gothfur (11:37:13 PM): One day Id like to go back to kindergarden so I could learn to spell words like you and are, but I didnt pass the test to get in
caliguy4202 (11:37:21 PM): hmm... go to school... get a job..
gothfur (11:38:09 PM): No, I'm content with weed and my internet connection. I don't have to worry about my future at all. Maybe I'll suck cock for crack to get by.
gothfur (11:38:18 PM): I dream big.
caliguy4202 (11:38:26 PM): u need a hug
gothfur (11:38:38 PM): If a hug is code for reaming me in the ass, yes I do.
caliguy4202 (11:38:49 PM): lol
caliguy4202 (11:39:01 PM): no just a hug
gothfur (11:39:23 PM): Ok, I'm bored with you. I'm going to try to find someone to insult who comes up with wittier insults. Goodbye.
caliguy4202 (11:39:41 PM): lol til next time..
caliguy4202 (11:40:02 PM): in the meantime.. get naked on cam..
gothfur (11:40:26 PM): Hey, go drink some bleach.

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Everyone on YIM should be sterilized so they can't breed and then thrown into a pit to fight to the death for our amusement while we piss on them and throw gasoline and matches on them.
holy shit that's way funny...

unfortunately I don't have conversations with random people who want to have sex with me, except one time, but that doesn't really count because they weren't real or something?

I'll dig up some funny ones with Jess Hawley, she likes to think she's intellectually superior, and then forgets that Trillian logs everything she says.. then I pull up what she said previously and use it against her.
Here's a conversation I had with a moron who IMed me for some reason. Cybersex is retarded.

XOdyingXcutieOX: Hello there! How are you?
*** Auto-response sent to XOdyingXcutieOX: ¡No hay banda!
XOdyingXcutieOX: i mean, hey there
The Skank Machine: Who's this?
XOdyingXcutieOX: i saw you on lj
The Skank Machine: Your text is huge.
XOdyingXcutieOX: your in the bi community
XOdyingXcutieOX: sorry
XOdyingXcutieOX: ?
XOdyingXcutieOX: better?
The Skank Machine: Oh.
The Skank Machine: OK.
The Skank Machine: What's your user name?
XOdyingXcutieOX: i dotn ahve one
The Skank Machine: Oh
XOdyingXcutieOX: im just boreds
The Skank Machine: OK.
XOdyingXcutieOX: and looking around
XOdyingXcutieOX: how old are you?
The Skank Machine: Eighteen.
XOdyingXcutieOX: me too
XOdyingXcutieOX: what do you look like?
The Skank Machine: http://www.livejournal.com/allpics.bml?user=180milehug
The Skank Machine: There's a picture a little ways down the page of a guy with long hair and a white T-shirt and glasses, and a blue towel behind him.
The Skank Machine: That's me about eight or nine months ago.
XOdyingXcutieOX: your hot
XOdyingXcutieOX: have you ever experienced 2 girls?
The Skank Machine: No.
The Skank Machine: I kissed a girl once.
XOdyingXcutieOX: i see
XOdyingXcutieOX: are you gay?
The Skank Machine: No.
XOdyingXcutieOX: iu see
XOdyingXcutieOX: ha sorry
XOdyingXcutieOX: youyr email is "iheartbigwieners"
XOdyingXcutieOX: so
XOdyingXcutieOX: you now
XOdyingXcutieOX: know
The Skank Machine: Well, I comment frequently on the community "bisexual".
The Skank Machine: Which is where you said you saw me from.
XOdyingXcutieOX: yeah
XOdyingXcutieOX: so are you in the mood
The Skank Machine: For what?
XOdyingXcutieOX: ;)
XOdyingXcutieOX: sex
XOdyingXcutieOX: and cybering
The Skank Machine: But I'm a virgin.
XOdyingXcutieOX: i can change that
XOdyingXcutieOX: my nice tight cunt
The Skank Machine: I doubt it.
The Skank Machine: I mean, where do you live?
The Skank Machine: I doubt it's anywhere near me.
XOdyingXcutieOX: its just as tight as an asshole
XOdyingXcutieOX: you big silly goose
The Skank Machine: What happens when you give birth?
XOdyingXcutieOX: im oj birth control
XOdyingXcutieOX: are you afraid
XOdyingXcutieOX: we can take it slow
XOdyingXcutieOX: ill show how great sex can be
XOdyingXcutieOX: and fucking
XOdyingXcutieOX: and blow jobs
XOdyingXcutieOX: and cum shots in my eye
XOdyingXcutieOX: MONEY SHOT!!!!!
The Skank Machine: I think that would cause severe vision damage.
XOdyingXcutieOX: no
XOdyingXcutieOX: i have goggles
XOdyingXcutieOX: cum goggles
XOdyingXcutieOX: i bought em at the nearest novelty shop
The Skank Machine: You still haven't told me where you live.
XOdyingXcutieOX: michigan
XOdyingXcutieOX: however
The Skank Machine: !!!
The Skank Machine: That's so far away!
The Skank Machine: And cold, too.
XOdyingXcutieOX: no
XOdyingXcutieOX: i have free airfare
The Skank Machine: I live in southern California.
XOdyingXcutieOX: my parents are in the military
XOdyingXcutieOX: itll cost 5 bux
XOdyingXcutieOX: 50
The Skank Machine: If it costs fifty dollars it isn't free.
XOdyingXcutieOX: yeah
XOdyingXcutieOX: well
XOdyingXcutieOX: eat my crotch]
The Skank Machine: I assume you man "eat" in the figurative slang sense, rather than the literal.
XOdyingXcutieOX: no
XOdyingXcutieOX: i mean what i said
XOdyingXcutieOX: i wish ed gein was around to do it
XOdyingXcutieOX: but
XOdyingXcutieOX: hes not
The Skank Machine: Who's Ed Gein?
XOdyingXcutieOX: so
XOdyingXcutieOX: omg
The Skank Machine: Is that the guy from the Daily Show?
XOdyingXcutieOX: no
The Skank Machine: Oh.
XOdyingXcutieOX: hes a serial killer
The Skank Machine: Who am I thinking of, then?
XOdyingXcutieOX: who killed women and coocked them
The Skank Machine: Upon doing some more research, it would appear Ed Gein died in 1984.
The Skank Machine: Are you still there?
*** Error while sending IM: This user is currently not logged on
And yes I know who Ed Gein was.
Hey, asshole. You arent allowed to post until youve been accepted. Read the rules.

Oh well, Ill just say you are accepted now.
whatevermj already said I was in. Surprised the hell out of me, actually.